Amos In Light Of The Dispensation Of Grace

Mike Mudford
Sunday, January 5, 2020 - 7:00pm

In the book of Amos, we see several things.  We see God calling a normal guy to an important job.  The greatest ability is availability.  Amos takes a message that people don’t want to hear – one of judgement.  This message was ultimately fulfilled, and the Israelites were taken into captivity as judgement by God for their sin.  The reason for this was the Mosaic Covenant God had with the nation Israel was one of blessings and cursing’s depending on their obedience to God.

For us today, we are in the Dispensation of Grace.  Our sin has been judged at the cross.  Our debt has been paid.  However, God may lovingly discipline us for our own edification.

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